Ancient Future Studios

The Sacred Tattoo Ritual is the root and foundation of Ancient Future Studios. From the dawn of human experience, we have been in love with ritual, ceremony and beauty.

We have been adorning ourselves, the walls of our homes and temples with art forever. The body is no different, as the sacred vessel through which we experience the celebration of life, and from tribes still undiscovered the Tattoo Initiation is a rite of passage we collectively love, too.

Care & Attention

Ancient Futures
Studios flows with care and intention, allowing space for as much (or as little) ritual as is needed.

Personal Approach

Our Resident Artists understand the desire for personalized attention and tenderness during this initiation.


Unlike many mainstream studios, we seek to offer the most unique, loving experience as we, too, have undergone the Blood Sacrifice Ritual, and we know how transformative this Karma is.


Ancient Future wants you to know we love and accept all bodies, genders, forms and creative expressions; we are always surrendering to the flow to be the container for a Safe Space for you and anyone you choose to invite into your experience.

Who We Are

Inkritual strives to provide the highest-quality tattoos in the Greater Toronto Area. Our professional artists offer a large variety of different personalized, and rare designs to ensure that you enjoy every aspect of the process.

We pride ourselves on not just offering excellent services, but we desire to have everything completed in a timely manner. Whether it’s your first time receiving body ink or not, we will be able to attend to your needs.

We provide booking options, as well as walk-in appointments based artist availability, allowing for all of our clients the opportunity to have their tattoo done according to their schedule. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and see how we can help bring your tattoo to life.

Creative team

Purusha Anokhei

Purusha Anokhei, Founder of Ancient Future Studios, is a wild spirit whose incarnation landed in the Middle East, to supportive and loving parents. She experienced a deep spiritual awakening at a young age, transforming her mind to better understand the truly infinite nature of the universe. Arriving in Canada at the age of nine, she left home a few years later to travel.

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